Another Chance to Win a db clay Wallet

Win a db clay Wallet!

Time’s running out to enter last week’s drawing, which closes tonight at midnight, but we’re doing this every week, so if you missed last week’s drawing, or you aren’t the winner, you can enter this week’s for another chance to win a db clay wallet! You can a new drawing every week this month (but you can only win once).


db clay wallets are literally works of art you keep in your pocket — almost too beautiful to stuff with money, ID cards, and the other flotsam and jetsam of your pocketable life!


db clay wallets are made of db clay’s excusive “Tope”, a durable, heat- and cold-resistant, waterproof, nontoxic, PVC-free synthetic fabric, and are printed with environmentally-friendly inks. And did I mention that they’re beautiful?

We’re giving away a db clay wallet every week this month.  All you have to do to enter his week’s drawing is leave a comment on this post with your name and email address in the appropriate fields. That’s it, although we’ll be more than happy if you decide to leave a tip for our readers, a pointer to a great website, or something else useful, unique, or otherwise wonderful. The winner will be notified by email at the end of the following week.


Of course, this being the web and all, we do have to keep up our usual spam filtering, and entries deemed “spam” by our filters will be approved only at the will of our administrators. We’ll do our best to make sure all legitimate entries are counted. Each Wednesday at midnight (Pacific Standard Time), we’ll close comments and choose one at random as the winner. Winners will be announced later in the week. db clay has agreed to ship the prizes directly, and their staff will choose the model awarded. To learn more about db clay, check out their website at, and read their blog, evil backwards. So go ahead and comment on this post to be entered in this week’s drawing. Good luck!


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