An Ajax Todo List System

voo2do – An Ajax Todo List System

Yet another online todo list system, but voo2do is more advanced compared to other similar product on the Net. It tracks priority, due date, and time estimates for each task. It also groups tasks by project which give you a more defined view and more suitable to GTD contexts. Here are some requirements that inspired the author to create this system:

  • Until you make a plan, you have no idea whether it’s even possible to do a given project.
  • Your plan should consist of specific, small tasks. Each task should be measured in hours, and a task over 16 hours should probably be broken down. Joel’s example: if you have “internet integration” as a schedule item for two weeks, you’re screwed.
  • A schedule is worthwhile even if all the dates slip. By listing out what you have to do, you realize how much there is, and you can address the important things first. And address the irrelevant things… never.

The system is quite attractive and loads of features, the dashboard view is quite useful to see next actions. Try it and see if you like it too.


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