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The faculty of the Department of Biological Sciences is committed to quality advising
and strongly encourages students to seek out and meet with their adviser often. 

We believe advising goes beyond navigation of course requirements.

Advisers can help you with:

  • career choices
  • obtaining experience or employment beyond the classroom
  • and the administrative problems you might encounter on campus, among many other things. 

All Biology majors must declare a concentration by completing a Change of Major/Minor
Form (login required). Even if you are already officially a Biology major, you still
need to use a Form to declare a concentration.  

All Biology majors must complete a Biology Major’s Information/Interest form at the
end of their first year (freshmen) or first term (transfers) as a Biology major. This
information is used to assign a permanent faculty adviser. You may request a specific
adviser as well.

If you are unsure if you have had a permanent adviser assigned, contact Ms. Sarah
Grue, sgrue AT_TOWSON in the Department of Biological Sciences.

If you are not certain who your assigned adviser is, contact Ms. Sarah Grue in the department office.

E-mail your adviser to make an appointment. Find your advisers e-mail in your PeopleSoft
student account.  There are no longer mandatory advising holds placed each semester.
Advising holds will be placed on your account at specific milestones, and when you
reach 45, and 90 credits (to ensure you are on track for graduation).   There are
a variety of holds that can be placed on your account to include academic probation.  


Questions concerning transfer credits can be addressed to Professor Kate Kosewicz
kkosewicz AT_TOWSON.

Any questions regarding the graduate program should be addressed to Dr. Petra Tsuji
at ptsuji AT_TOWSON.

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