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The Academic Advising Center coordinates and collaborates on many academic programs
that assist students with their academic achievement.

Academic Renewal Program (ARP)

Academic intervention for students who otherwise would be academically suspended.
ARP includes additional student support with our advising staff and the Tutoring & Learning Center to improve academic performance.

Academic Warning

When a student falls below good academic standing (GAS) they enter Academic Warning.
On warning, students will consult with our advising center staff to determine their
academic standing and other challenges.

First-Year Experience Program

All incoming freshmen participate in this one-year advising program, created to promote
academic success, introduce students to campus resources, and ensure that all students
start college with the knowledge and understanding to achieve their goal of graduation. 

Freshmen Transition Program (FTP)

A partnership between Towson University and the Community College of Baltimore County.
We help support FTP students throughout their transition to TU.

Student Academic Advisors

In addition to our full-time advisors, our center has a team of students trained to
help answer advising questions and provide general advising information. 

Advising for Choosing a Major

Students in the process of deciding a major can meet with a professional advisor to
help them assess their own strengths and interests to secure an appropriate major

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