About Us | Towson University

The English Language Center at Towson University provides speakers of other languages
with the English language, skills, and resources needed for their successful academic
transition to the university and for their professional and/or personal success in
an intercultural environment. To that end, we:

  • Deliver intensive and academic English preparation courses for prospective undergraduate
    and graduate students
  • Run student-centered classes
  • Tutor and advise students
  • Offer English language test preparation courses
  • Employ committed, passionate, qualified teachers and staff who go the extra mile to
    support students
  • Promote collaboration and cooperation essential to our students’ becoming responsible
    global citizens
  • Encourage intercultural understanding and exchange through social events, excursions,
    conversation partners, and co-curricular activities
  • Create a “home away from home” environment that facilitates learning and cultural
  • Design custom courses and programs to meet the needs of specific groups
  • Contribute to diversity within the campus community

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