7 Zipper Tips That Guarantee Your Project Satisfaction

Choosing the best zipper for a project has always been a challenge as zippers come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and top of it all, different manufacturers. To avoid being confused by anyone who would claim which is best and which is not, contacting zipper manufacturers or suppliers is the best and first thing to do while planning your project. However, each project you intend embarking on should determine the zipper choice if you have a pre-informed knowledge about zipper types and their usage. Still, these 7 project zipper selection tips by professionals will guide you.

1. The All-Purpose Zipper

All purpose or multi-purpose zippers are the most popular and available zippers in most zipper shops. They are fairly lightweight and have small teeth. To prevent the ends from separating, there is a lock which holds the slider in place when locked. These zippers are used as closures in many garments, skirts, dresses, and blouses as their light weight is a good match with the garments weight bending with the garment as it bends any direction.

All-purpose zippers come in different lengths or measurements ranging from 2”, 4”, 6”, 8”, 24”, and more. Their teeth either polyester or metal model match with the zipper tape they are attached. Because of the availability, many claim they are the best zipper so far which I am not disputing, but I would say availability or accessibility doesn’t make a product the best. So, seek guidance from professionals.

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2. Hidden Zippers (Invisible Zippers)

These zippers have very fine teeth and hidden in the seam. They are sewn in fabrics so that the zipper is almost completely invisible. Why I said almost completely is because there is still a visible part of the zipper which is the pull, so it’s not completely invisible. There is no top stitching needed on hidden zippers.

Invisible zippers are not much available as is the All-purpose zippers or in length measurement or color variations, and they are mostly used on formal wears. Since they are almost completely hidden in the seam, a perfectly unmatched color may not be a big problem so much the color is closely matched.

One interesting thing about invisible zipper is, special sewing machines feet are demanded to fit it an invisible zipper on clothing which are available in invisible zipper shops. These special machines feet hold the zipper coil such that the stitching is firmly and properly done to make the zipper truly invisible.

Compared to the normal All-purpose zippers, the seam is sewn after sewing the invisible zipper on an invisible zipper project so, its advisable refer to user guide before fixing the zipper area.

3. The Trouser Zippers

These zippers are used on trousers only. They have a great distinction from other zippers as they are made of polyester coil woven into the zipper tape with a firm or closed bottom which prevents it from separating. The locked used on these zippers are very strong made in order to prevent unexpected embarrassing moments.

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4. The Jeans Zippers

Jeans zippers are used mostly on jeans fabrics with brass teeth and a low profile slider which makes the covering flap lays very smooth. They are strong and durable; hence they match the durability of jean materials and prevent any discomfort on the zipper when worn skin tight.

5. The Separating Zippers

The Separating zippers open completely at the bottom making the both zipper sides come apart just as used in Jackets. The model of separating zipper needed for any project is determined by the material for the project. While selecting separating zippers, the focus should be on the teeth weight and their length.

Metal teeth separating zipper weighs more than plastic teeth zippers. If a metal teeth separating zipper is used on a lightweight fleece jacket, what you should expect is sagging. But when it’s used on a heavy weight wool jacket, it would be more welcomed considering its rigidity and strength and there won’t be any fear of sagging.

6. The Specialty Zippers

These zippers are used mostly on sleeping bags. They are commonly available in black color and with lengths measuring up to 100”. Also, they could be used on doll clothes but needed in shorter lengths and width. Doll clothes zippers especially “separating zipper model” could be available in different lengths ranging from 4”-6” and different colors. If a separating zipper is not your choice for doll clothes, you could consider a lightweight All-purpose zipper and shorten the length.

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7. Zipper Length Choice

Making a choice of zipper length shouldn’t be a big challenge if you know all there is about zippers. Zippers length ranges with intervals of 2”. Checking out for zipper length while in a shop: the marked length on the zipper packaging is the real length, not the marked length on the tape the zipper is attached. Also, checking the zipper slider may reveal the marked size. If working on a sleeping bag project, it’s advisable to have an opening longer than the length of the zipper to give the needed space at each ends of the zipper.

Checking out a zipper packaging when replacement is needed, you hardly may find an actual zipper length just the same as the one you want to replace. However, the only and best option is to select a non-separating zipper with longer length. Shortening it should meet your need.

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