5 Cool Things You Can Do With The Free Cloud Storage Space

These days, you can easily download a collection of books, movies, TV shows, and music from the Internet. However, if you keep up with this practice, you’d have eventually amassed so much to the point where your computer suffers, especially if all the files are stored there. This is where cloud storage and cloud drives come in.

In terms of storage, the cloud drive is the cyber mega version of a USB flash drive. It is considered a mammoth version because it provides storage space way beyond the capacity of a regular flash drive.  You access it through client-side software over the Internet, thereby allowing businesses to store or sync documents and other material without the use of hard drives.

Some popular cloud drives are Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, and SugarSync. Now here are some of the cool things you can do with free cloud storage space, which prove that it is more than just backup:

1. Share your photo albums.

Nowadays, it’s easy to take and share pictures using your smartphone or digital camera. With just a few clicks, you can share these pictures on Facebook or Instagram and have everyone you know (and even total strangers) like these snapshots in a flash. However, if you want to share these immortalized memories to a select few, you can use cloud storage to synchronize your files across multiple computer and create photo albums you can share with anybody.

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2. Organize your list of to-dos.

Many people are able to go about their daily routines when they have a list handy. Lists can help organize and prioritize one’s day, provided the list is not cluttered with too many to-dos. Fortunately, there are some tools for creating a list of to-dos that you can synchronize with your chosen cloud storage, and in turn, the cloud storage automatically synchronizes your list across your different gadgets.

3. Share your music with iTunes.

By enabling the Home Sharing or Music Sharing feature of iTunes, you can make your personal iTunes library available; thus, you can access your music from anywhere.

4. Store your passwords.

People who use the Internet day in and day out know how important security is. Sadly, some people don’t take security issues to heart, so they end up using just one password for all their accounts because thinking up a bunch of different password combinations is confusing. However, hackers are very resourceful these days, and they can crack passwords in a snap. To prevent this from happening, you can use a password management program, which will generate and store unique passwords for you either in your cloud storage or locally.

5. Manage your documents.

Do you have several spreadsheets and documents for work and home use saved in your computer? Well, you can organize these documents in different folders and even share these with the teams or people you’re working with. That way, if any one of your team members needs to edit a document, they can easily access the files and everybody else sees the changes in real time.

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These are but a few cool things you can do with free cloud storage, so if you haven’t tried it yet, now’s your chance.

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