31 Creative Uses for Cardboard Boxes

What do you usually do with a cardboard box once you’re done with it? If you throw it out or recycle it, you’re really missing out on its hidden potential. There are quite a few creative uses for cardboard boxes, and this infographic shows 31 of them.

Some of the ideas on this infographic you’re probably already aware of, while others may surprise you. Of course, a cardboard box works great as a paper bin, dirty laundry bin, gift box or for organizing files; however, other uses listed may not seem so practical.

For instance, can you imagine having a welcome mat or fence made of cardboard? Sure it may look great at first, but what happens when it rains outside? Even an indoor cardboard welcome mat may seem out of place, but a small makeshift fence for indoor use is definitely more realistic.

Try one of these 31 Creative Uses for Cardboard Boxes

Now that you have some ideas on what to do with those extra cardboard boxes, which do you plan on using for your extra cardboard boxes?

31 Creative Uses for Cardboard Boxes | Signet

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