21 Ways To Go Green At The Office [Infographic]

Thankfully, as a society, we are increasingly embracing the fact that we need to look after the environment as best we can.

The days of throwing all our waste in a landfill site are all but gone, with the majority of homes having different colour bins for every type of recyclable material.

Despite this, there’s still plenty more that could be done. With a global population of over 7.4 billion and growing, there is no hiding from the fact that we are putting a real strain on the world’s resources.

Somewhere which we could all try a little harder is in the workplace. With discarded office supplies, empty lunch packets, incorrectly printed paper just scraping the surface of our work waste, there is a lot which could be recycled but unfortunately isn’t.

Aside of recycling, there are lots of other ways to lead a greener life while at work. Reds Skip Hire has put together a handy infographic which provides lots of simple, actionable tips so that you can achieve this. 

Titled ‘21 Ways to Go Green At the Office.’ This infographic can help transform your workplace into one that is doing its best for the environment, without making it a costly process. Take a look for yourself below.

21 Ways To Go Green At The Office | Reds Skip Hire

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