20 Super Delicious Avocado Recipes That Are Beyond Your Imagination

When it comes to making delicious food, homemade recipes and health hacks have been passed down through generations across the centuries, leaving a plethora of dishes to pick from. Over recent years, food bloggers, chefs and all kinds of creative individuals have left their mark on the Internet with tasty concoctions. One of the most versatile and healthful foods, the avocado, has been used dozens of ways. We dug up some of the most impressive and mind-boggling avocado recipes currently available, and they’re below for your humble perusal.

1. Eggocado

Ever wanted to combine your love for eggs and avocados? Now’s your chance.

Photo Credit: Libby Perold

2. Guacamole Hummus

Avocado spreads and hummus are fantastic in their own rights. Feel like there was always a next level waiting somewhere, though? There is: Guacamole Hummus.

Photo Credit: Benj Shapiro

3. Avocado Ice Cream

Who said avocados should never be used in desserts? And speaking of desserts…

Photo Credit: Hannah Lin

4. Chocolate Mousse

Avocado makes a fantastic ingredient in chocolate mousse. So fantastic, that you’ll wonder how you ever remained content with regular mousse.

Photo Credit: Danielle Cahoon

5. Avocado Pesto

Sometimes it’s a well-placed dollop or dash of pesto that completes a meal. Including an avocado in that recipe will crank the flavor up a notch!

Photo Credit: Mulin Xiong

6. Avocado Pepper Salsa

The power of a delicious spread never ends with the versatility of avocados. This recipe for avocado pepper salsa will blow your guests away.

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Photo Credit: Sydney Segal

7. Avocado Mango Smoothie

Looking for something on the fruity side, perhaps for breakfast? Avocados still have you covered. This avocado mango smoothie provides healthy fat and plenty of flavor in the morning.

Photo Credit: Haley Durham

8. Avocado Ricotta Toast

Avocado has a texture similar to butter, and using it as a topping on this toast recipe is prime.

Photo Credit: SpoonUniversity.com

9. Creamy Avocado Breakfast Smoothie

Pairing up fruit with avocado in this recipe is a home run combo. Blueberries are the clincher!

Photo Credit: Jessica Farber

10. Pomegranate Guacamole

Thought you knew everything about guacamole? Think again. This pomegranate guacamole infuses a passionate burst of fruitful power into the traditionally creamy and salted guacamole.

Photo Credit: Amanda Shulman

11. Chocolate Pudding

Desserts are never too far away on the menu, and avocado seems to have quite the affinity for chocolate. Why stop at chocolate mousse when you can have chocolate pudding as well?

Photo Credit: Christopher Testani

12. Green Milkshake

It’s not every day that you see an avocado as part of a milkshake, but this dessert means business. The avocado’s innate texture makes this milkshake a smashing success.

Photo Credit: Zeynep Ozyurek/iStock/Thinkstock

13. Avocado Fish Tacos

No recommendation of avocado recipes is complete without mention of tacos, and this recipe utilizes both avocados and grapefruits. Try this one out for an unbelievably fresh spin on a classic dish.

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Photo Credit: Paulina Lam

14. Fruit And Veggie Smoothie

Have you always wanted the perfect balance between fruits and vegetables in a green smoothie? Look no further than this smoothie utilizing avocados.

Photo Credit: Joy Manning

15. Avocado Sushi

Need I say more? Here’s the recipe.

Photo Credit: Joy Manning

16. Avocado Black Bean Salad

Avocados are the perfect subtle, calm and smooth complement to a variety of spiced and ethnic dishes, and this black bean salad will have you returning for seconds.

Photo Credit: Joy Manning

17. Zesty Avocado, Quinoa And Tofu Salad

The power of salads continues with this quinoa, tofu and avocado salad. The cilantro and lime juice makes it irresistible.

Photo Credit: Joy Manning

18. Avocado Open-Faced Sandwich

Combine turkey, tomato and avocado, and you’ve got yourself an open-faced sandwich that will put the rest to shame.

Photo Credit: Joy Manning

19. Avocado Breakfast Tacos

What’s better than avocado in your breakfast tacos? Pretty much nothing!

Photo Credit: 12 Tomatoes

20. Chocolate Silk Pie

The king of all avocado recipes is the chocolate silk pie, and this recipe happens to be vegan and gluten free. The best part is, you’ll never taste the difference!

Photo Credit: Making Thyme For Health

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