20 Lessons to kick start your cooking skill

Cooking 101: 20 Lessons to kick start your cooking skill

Cooking is not easy – for me as least. I can cook but only some very basic stuff. Found out a good site that can get me started on cooking something good – which is azcentral.com on Cooking 101. There are 20 lessons, from how to boil water, to how to bake a cake and a pie. This is a very good location to learn, no matter what ages you are:

… After living on Jack-In-The-Box and takeout and eating in restaurants, many 30-somethings we know have realized they want to learn this skill. They need to feed their kids. They want to entertain. Teens and 20-somethings are contrary enough to want to buck a trend.

And you 40-somethings and older who’ve never learned or who have had lifestyle changes that have forced you to cook: Just follow along. We promise to try to make it fun for everyone. You’ve eaten enough delicious restaurant meals to know a lot about food — just not how to cook it

Learning to cook will save you a ton of money, yes, because it’s much cheaper to cook at home from basic ingredients. It’s also healthier. But neither of these fantastic benefits is the primary reason we think you should sharpen that chopping knife…

Cooking 101 – [azcentral.com]

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View more information: https://www.lifehack.org/articles/lifehack/cooking-101-20-lessions-to-kick-start-your-cooking-skill.html

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