17 Benefits of Having an Animal as Your Best Friend

17 Benefits of Having an Animal as Your Best Friend

Why are animal friends better than human friends?

Sometimes, relationships with humans are … well, complicated. Talk too little, and our human friends might think we’re hiding something. Talk too much, and we’re a bore. If we’re seen in public with a human friend’s significant other, it could get us in a lot of hot water. And of course, there’s trying to schedule time to see our human friends, or worse, putting up with their bratty kids while we’re trying to have a decent conversation over sushi.

Let’s face it; our real best friends are animals. Here’s why:

1. Animal friends always laugh at our jokes,


2. Listen attentively to our complaints,


3. And tell us exactly what they think about them.


4. We never have to worry about carrying on a conversation with our animal friends,

Shut up

5. Or finding someone to help out at work.


6. Our animal friends always have our back if things get crazy,

Cat with guns

7. And are there to comfort us when our hearts get broken.


8. Animal friends make sure we don’t miss a workout,

9. And act as a mode of transportation if the car breaks down.

Turtle car

10. At our next party, if the DJ flakes out, our animal friends are there to get the music going,

Chicken rap

11. Get things moving on the dance floor,

12. And intercept any unwanted advances.


13. Our animal friends won’t even ruin our party by talking about politics or religion.


14. Sometimes we can get our animal friends to bring us the newspaper,

Bring it

15. Especially if there’s food involved.

Horse foodie

16. Did I mention that animal friends are great workout buddies?


17. They ask so little in return; just give ’em a pat now and then, and they’re happy.

Featured photo credit: Ângela Antunes via flickr.com

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