16 Tips to the Best Deal

Car Buying: 16 Tips to the Best Deal

A time where it took my negotiation skill to the extreme is when buying a new car. And trust me, it is stress to talk to the car salesperon. How do deal with the common tactic from the car salesperson, or any quick tips on getting the best deal? Get Life On the Road has 16 tips to the best deal. Read it, use it, I am sure you will get better deal from it. Here is a snippet of those tips:

11) Even if you really love the car, don’t act like you do until the price has been put to paper. At that point, start acting like you really want to purchase the vehicle but the money is the only thing that is holding you back.

12) Buying a year-end holdover is a common technique. Dealerships want to make room for the next model year, and it can be difficult to move holdover vehicles, especially if there has been a major change in the model — body style changes, engine choices, trim levels can all change year after year.

13) Negotiate the trade-in and the new vehicle purchase separately. Your trade-in is not worth more or less based on the value of the vehicle you wish to purchase, however many dealerships will tell you that because the care you wish to purchase is so low-priced, they can not offer you much for your trade-in. Your trade-in is worth the same amount, regardless of the sticker price of the new car. If you get trade-in quote from a dealer, request the dealer write it down and sign it. Take that document to the next dealer so they can attempt to beat the trade-in offer.

Car Buying: 16 Tips to the Best Deal – [Get Life on The Road]

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