15 Mind-Blowingly Delicious Lasagna Recipes You Can’t Miss

Lasagna is one of those perfect comfort foods that’s appropriate for almost every culinary situation. You can make it for your family, for kids and even serve it at a dinner party. But despite what you may think, lasagna can also be versatile when it comes to its flavor and ingredients. So let’s take a look at some great ways that you can jazz up this classic favorite next time you make it.

1. Slow Cooked Lasagna

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You have to have at least one ‘classic’ lasagna on a list such as this. Don’t be fooled though—it’s by no means mediocre. Also, these guys clearly know what they’re doing considering that they’re combining beef, pork and veal mix. Honestly, doing this makes a huge difference.

2. Eggplant and Herb Lasagna

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Whenever I see ‘vegetarian lasagna’ on a menu I tend to cringe. In my experience, it almost always turns out to be soggy and flavorless. You won’t be having that problem with this delicious eggplant based dish.

3. Chocolate Peanut Butter Lasagna

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Yeah, you read that correctly.

You asked for mind-blowing recipes and you’re getting it in the form of a perfect dessert lasagna. Besides, you guys should know by now that I’m all about mixing it up when it comes to traditional flavors. Hell, I just like making desserts out of stuff that is supposed to be savory.

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4. Mini Lasagna Cups

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These cute little cups are perfect for when you want to serve lasagna as finger food or an appetizer. They’re also a lot less messy!

5. Mushroom Lasagna

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Another perfect example of how vegetarian lasagnas can be just as delicious as a meat-filled one. Mushroom’s are great for this purpose because they are quite substantial and ‘meaty’ themselves.

6. Lasagna Soup

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Who said that lasagna is restricted to a solid state? Honestly, whoever came up with the idea is straight up crazy. But they also may be a genius.

7. Apple Pie Lasagna

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Just when you thought that dinner and dessert were separate meals, this delicious monstrosity came along.

8. Mexican Lasagna

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I really should care more about bastardising the cuisine of two different cultures. But when the results are this tasty, I find it really difficult to judge.

9. Turkey Parmigiana Lasagna

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If you prefer poultry to red meat, this is the lasagna for you. It will also be a great way to use up all of that leftover Thanksgiving turkey.

10. Six Cheese Lasagna

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The only possible way to improve traditional lasagna is to add six different types of cheese!

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11. Vegan Lasagna

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We carnivores and dairy consumers shouldn’t get all the fun. Our vegan friends deserve tasty lasagna times too, and this one looks incredible.

12.  Mac n Cheese Lasagna

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Because obviously lasagna needed more carbs and cheese. No really, it does.

14. Italian Sausage Lasagna

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Yes, I did feel just as dirty writing that title as you did reading it. My being a filth wizard aside, swapping out ground beef is a fantastic idea, especially if you like your sausage spicy. Okay, I need to stop.

15. Fast Food Lasagna

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If you haven’t seen this testament to human will from the lads over at Epic Meal Time you have to immediately. Warning: You may go into cardiac arrest just looking at this thing

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