13 Curry Recipes From Different Countries

Curry comes in all shapes and forms and is dependent on which country you are currently in. It’s amazing how much variety you can achieve in curry dishes. Here are 13 curry recipes from different countries around the world.

Curry lovers beware: you are in for a nice ride of delectable and finger-licking curry recipes that will make you go gaga! You’re guaranteed to find a curry that is new to you. I hope you find the following list just as exciting as I do. Let’s take a look at curry around the world.

1. Spicy Malvani Chicken Curry — India

A favorite maharashtrian dish, chicken malvani curry will blow your mind! Why? Because the unique combination of ingredients creates the most spectacular flavors.

Find the full recipe here.

2. Beef Rendang — Malaysia & Indonesia


Beef Rending is a spectacular blend of spices. The spices envelop in a coconut sauce and the meat is penetrated.

Find the full recipe here.

3. African Vegetable Curry — Africa


Now, it’s time for African Vegetable Curry! Usually served with brown rice and coconut, this recipe is finger-licking good, really!

Find the full recipe here.

4. Vegan Red Thai Curry — Thailand


We must mention the most famous curry recipe of Thailand: Vegan Red Thai Curry. It looks as fantastic as it sounds.

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Find the full recipe here.

5. Japanese Curry — Japan


Japanese curry is spectacular, with its blend of Japanese tradition and customs. You’ll definitely love this one — it has to be one of my favorites.

Find the full recipe here.

6. Trinidadian Chicken Potato Curry — Trinidad & Tobago


Trinidadian chicken curry is fantastic. With its blend of flavors, this one is a sure winner to impress your family. Try it for your next family get-together!

Find the recipe here.

7. Afghan Korma — Afghanistan


Another curry with brilliant flavors, this dish from Afghanistan should not be missed.

Find the recipe here.

8. Beef Curry — Bangladesh


Beef curry is delicious and a specialty of Bangladesh, a neighboring country of India. I’m sure you will love it — I have tried it and I’m quite a picky eater! You are sure to want seconds.

Find the full recipe here.

9. Panch Puran — Bengal


Bengal is a beauty and, when talking about curry and its food, it is a pure pleasure. Panch puran is a famous recipe that is dear to the heart of Bengal — it will leave you wanting for more.

Find the recipe here.

10. Chinese Curry — China


Chinese curry is delectable — just like the other curry recipes listed here!

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Find the full recipe for this dish here.

11. Gundruk — Nepal


Dundruk is a native dish of Nepal. It is an enticing recipe that looks extremely yummy and appetizing. This one will certainly impress your well-traveled friends.

Find the full recipe for this dish here.

12. Mutton Kadai — Pakistan


Mutton Kadai is a favorite amongst people of all cultures and subgroups. I’ve tried this one and it tastes exceptional. Try it for yourself!

Find the full recipe for this dish here.

13. Koolaya — Sri Lanka


Last, but certainly not the least, is Koolaya. This is a native dish from the heart of Sri Lanka. Curry lovers beware, yet again: you are apt to fall in love with this delectable dish. It truly deserves its recognition, as it is a lovely dish with spectacular flavors.

Find the full recipe for this dish here.

I hope you enjoyed these wonderful dishes, as I have thoroughly enjoyed them myself! They can make anyone’s day fantastic and spectacular. Please do try them at home — you will fall instantly in love with them. Make them with your family and friends to experience some international cuisine at home in your own kitchen!

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