10 Unexpected Things to Do With Stale Bread



I don’t know about your household, but in mine we often end up having to throw out half a loaf of bread a week. As soon as that breads not fluffy and fresh anymore it gets put in the bin, which is incredibly wasteful. Americans buy approximately 3 billion loaves a year, 25% (750 million!) of which gets put in the trash. It’s time for this bread-binning pandemic to end!

1. Refresh It.

By placing it in a dampened paper bag and putting it in the oven, you can refresh your loaf in just three minutes.

2. Use It In Recipes.

French toast, bruschetta, bread pudding, French onion soup, stuffing, stratas, meatloaf, panzanella and loads of other meals are made from day old bread.

3. Freeze It.

We do this! This is why indulging in a toaster with a defrost setting is completely worth it.

4. Make Breadcrumbs.

Dry-out slices, grind them, place them back into the oven and voila! Bread crumbs that will last up to six months.

5. Make Croutons.

Cut your stale bread slices into cubes and bake in the oven to create croutons that will last up to four weeks.

6. Thicken Soup.

Add texture to soup with a simple slice of bread.

7. Dip It.

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As stale bread is a lot more enduring you can use it to dip in loads of stuff if you fancy it.

8. Keep Vegetables Fresh.

Stale bread placed near vegetables soaks up moisture and keeps the veggies fresh.

9. Feed Your Plants.

Let the nutrients from your stale bread to your plants by placing them into the pot.

10. Treat Your Dog.

Easily create some nice nibbles for your pet.

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