10 tips for time management in a multitasking world

10 tips for time management in a multitasking world

If you have not subscribed our lifehack.org feed and missed a lot of tips and tricks for your life everyday, I suggest you to read this article instead (or an better option, do both). Penelope Trunk, a columnist at the Boston Globe, summarizes some great tips that coming from the blogosphere. She lists ten important tips to get a better handle for your work and focus to achieve productivity:

  • Don’t leave email sitting in your in box.
  • Admit multitasking is bad.
  • Do the most important thing first.
  • Check your email on a schedule.
  • Keep web site addresses organized.
  • Know when you work best.
  • Think about keystrokes.
  • Make it easy to get started.
  • Organize your to-do list every day.
  • Dare to be slow.

Last tip, Dare to be slow does not mean working slow, but responds external noises (or signals) in pace to your foot. For instance, there are high priority task for you often than check and reply your email every 5 minutes.

10 tips for time management in a multitasking world – [Brazen Careerist]

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