10 Ideas for Storing More in your Pantry

If you are lucky enough to have a pantry then you’re going to want to continue reading for ideas on how to maximize storage. The key to a functional pantry is organization and simple solutions for better visibility of all items at all times. Even if you don’t have a pantry you can still use these ideas in your kitchen for better storage as well.

1. Utilize the back of the Door

Install a spice rack on the back of your pantry door

The back of your pantry door is an untapped real estate gold mine for storage space. Install a spice rack onto the door. If you’re handy you can even make one yourself.

2. Use Stacked Shelving

Use stacked shelving to see your cans better in the pantry.

These stacked shelves can be used to store canned goods. This gives you a better view of what you have at all times in your pantry. These shelves can be found at most hardware stores such as Lowe’s and Canadian Tire.

3. Remove items from boxes and place them in wire Baskets

Remove food from the boxes they came in and place them in plastic bags in baskets. This saves major space in your pantry. Pairing items that are alike keeps things neat and easy to find.

Remove food items from the boxes they came in and place them in plastic bags (or use the ones they came in) in baskets. Place the bags in wire baskets so that they are easy to spot without having to dig. This saves major space in your pantry. Pairing items that are alike keeps things neat and easy to find.

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4. Use under-shelf Racks

Using as much empty space as possible in the pantry by placing under-shelf racks.

Another untapped space in your pantry is under the shelves. Install these under-shelf racks to house your more sensitive items. Think of the items you usually put on the top of your grocery bags such as bread.

5. Use Risers

Use risers in your pantry to save space

Another way to utilize the space under your shelves is to use risers. They are relatively inexpensive and provide so much more space for storage.

6. Use Tension rods as Dividers

Use tension rods to organize lids, cutting boards and cookie sheets

You can use tension rods to create dividers in your pantry for big flat items such as pot lids, cutting boards or baking sheets. You can also use a file organizer too.


Corners, another untapped real estate pantry goldmine. Items can get forgotten so easily in the back of corners. Why not install lazy susans so you access and view all your items easily, even in the dark reaches of the corners.

8. Use Pocket Organizers for Small Snacks

Use a wall pocket organizer to store small snacks

Hang a wall pocket organizer or a shoe organizer on the door to store small snacks. This makes it easier for kids to grab snacks on the go and pack lunches.

9. Use Laundry bags for Potatoes and Onions

Hang mesh laundry bags in your pantry for onions, potatoes and garlic

You can find inexpensive laundry mesh bags at Walmart or Dollarama. Hang these in your pantry to store produce that requires ventilation such as potatoes, onions and garlic. The see through material makes it easy to see if your supply is low or not.

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10. Use Magazine Racks for Storage

Use a magazine rack to store cans
Attach a simple magazine rack to the back of your cupboard or pantry door to organize foils and clingwraps.

Magazine racks can be used to store cans for easy dispensing as well as corraling cling wraps, aluminum foils and parchment paper. You can find these anywhere they sell office supplies.

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