10 English Songs That Make Your Language Learning Easy

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Today, we’ll suggest an interesting method to improve your English vocabulary: music. These songs will convince you that language learning is a continuous process that lasts for a lifetime.

10 English Songs That Make Your Language Learning Easy:

    1. Leonard Cohen – Stories of the Street
This song is perfect for English speakers on an intermediate level. The lyrics are simple, and Leonard Cohen’s pronunciation is very easy to follow. You can understand and feel the vibe of the song even if you don’t read through the lyrics as you listen.

Leonard Cohen was not just a musician. He was a poet. That’s what makes the lyrics of this song educational for a language learner.

I know you’ve heard it’s over now and war must surely come,
The cities they are broke in half and the middle men are gone.

You get the point, right? These lyrics transport you in a different kind of reality than the comfort a modern man is usually used to. They certainly give us something to contemplate over.

    2. Maximo Park – Acrobat
On this track, the verses are spoken. It’s great because it gives rhythm to spoken language, so it definitely improves your pronunciation if you practice it.

Practicing Acrobat is difficult, so be prepared to speak really quickly!

      3. Red Hot Chili Peppers – Californication
So you think you understand English? Try listening to Californication without reading the lyrics. Do you understand everything? Probably not.

This song is hard on the ear, even when it comes to native speakers. Not because it’s bad music; but because the lyrics are complex. Beautifully complex. This song made the word Californication popular. It was released in 2000, but it still describes our modern society.

Why is it important for language learning? Well, it teaches you how to give new life to words you thought you knew.

    4. David Guetta ft. Sia – Titanium
This is a very recognizable song, so you probably know some of its lyrics. That’s great; it means you can learn it by playing it several times and without reading the lyrics. You may practice your listening skills this way: just listen for the first few times, and then start singing along.

    5. Lana Del Rey – Young and Beautiful
We cannot talk about learning English through music without mentioning Lana Del Rey, one of the most popular songwriters at the moment.

These lyrics are powerful! They are faced-paced, so it will take a language learner some time and practice to get them right.

    6. Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars
This song is great for language learning, since it’s mellow and the lyrics are very simple.

Even a beginner learner will understand some of it. For an advanced learner, it’s great for singing along and improving pronunciation. The subtle Irish accent definitely makes it interesting.

    7. Coldplay – Clocks
Speaking of accents, how about some British?

Chris Martin is very pleasant to the ear. His voice is calming, and the music itself is uplifting. It sets you in the perfect mood for getting into the lyrics and thinking about their meaning.

    8. Radiohead – Creep
Don’t listen to this song if you’re depressed; it might take you deeper down. However, you should listen to it if you want some good music with lyrics that show how versatile the English language is. You never thought the word creep could be part of mesmerizing poetry? Think again!

The song is slow, so the lyrics are easy for a language learner to understand.

    9. The Beatles – Across the Universe
According to the research conducted by Pearson, The Beatles are the best band to help you learn English. That’s because the lyrics are catchy and the melodies make them easy to remember.

Across the Universe is also repetitive in some parts, so it’s definitely great for practicing proper pronunciation.

    10. Duran Duran – Save a Prayer
Duran Duran’s vibe is special.  The lyrics are always deep and non-repetitive, so they are a great opportunity for advanced speakers to test their skills.

This song, in particular, is very romantic and meditative. If we had to think of a single word to describe it, epic would be the one.

All above-listed songs are great. We didn’t make this list solely out of personal preferences. We chose the songs on the basis of critical acclaim and great lyrics. You’ll have a good time listening to this music, but you’ll also get a chance to improve your English language skills.

Double win!

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