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Music was Pete Paphides' first love. And at this rate, it will be his last.

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Noel Gallagher Vs Beyoncé

While he’s got the dictionary open, he might want to look up the difference between artisan and artist.”

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Pete Paphides
C86 and all that

It was about eschewing a vernacular that seemed ugly, predatory and anachronistic.”




It’s April 1994. Kurt Cobain has already taken a gun to his head, but his body won’t be discovered for two more days. In Glasgow, Radio One-sponsored indie festival Sound City is into its third day. Almost all the bands playing there – among them Pulp, The Boo Radleys and The Wonder Stuff – are staying at the same hotel. On the second floor, the doors of a crowded lift open and Britain’s…

Kate Bush

She may have propelled us to the essence of our connection with her music: the miraculous, ungraspable nature of human consciousness”




So this is where epiphanies happen, and few people are better placed to tell you about that than Kate Bush. On July 3rd 1973, she came here, to the Hammersmith Odeon, with her brothers to see David Bowie declare on stage that Ziggy was about to die and he was taking The Spiders From Mars with him. In that moment, she cried (as she later recalled, “it looked like he was crying too”) and the…

Wizz Jones, Darren Hayman & Julie Murphy
Like so many stories about Wizz Jones, the triumphant pay-off never materialised




Two years ago, casting around for an appropriate song to begin his show at the Berlin Olympiastadion, Bruce Springsteen remembered a tune he had heard almost 40 years previously.“This is something we learned just for you,” he told the crowd. When I Leave Berlin had originally been written and performed by Wizz Jones – inspired by the Quadripartite Agreement of September 1971, which allowed…

Michael Jackson

In the early 80s, you didn’t just listen to Michael Jackson. You wanted to be like him.”




Five years ago, on a Thursday night at Glastonbury, I got a call from my editor at The Times, for whom I worked at the time. He informed me that he was in a taxi and the radio speaker had just imparted unconfirmed reports that Michael Jackson had suffered a fatal heart attack. It was 10.45pm and I'd had far too much "Spicey Cider". I didn't bother calling The Times. The first edition had…


A gold leotard, adorned at the back with a huge ribbon tail conspired to make her look like a futuristic Cadbury’s Caramel bunny.”




Given the fortnight she has just had, it would have been understandable if Beyonce Knowles found it difficult to muster the necessary adrenalin for this British leg of her current tour. An arena in Liverpool – one that looks much like any other arena in any other town – must have been little match for the triumphant evening she enjoyed a few nights previously as the MTV Europe Music Awards…

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